Palm Chic Entertaining Ideas x Avon

I recently shared some of my favourite pieces from the Palm Chic Collection by Avon Living for a brunch I hosted. Today, I wanted to share some Palm Chic Entertaining Ideas x Avon, because what else is Summer for, besides relaxing with cool drinks and even cooler company.  View Post

Palm Chic Outdoor Decor x Avon

Since Summer has been blessing us with constant 30 degree celcius weather. I’ve been spending a lot more time out on my patio. Which means more outdoor feasts and gatherings. Today, I wanted to share with you some pieces from the Palm Chic Outdoor Decor x Avon, I used to host a tropical brunch. So if you’re looking for some outdoor decor inspiration or hosting a similar theme event, keep reading!  View Post

Father’s Day Gift Guide

My Father is my best friend. He’s one of the most hard working people I know. So Father’s Day for us means a day cut out for relaxation and to create new memories, that will still spoil him in a way that he truly deserves. So if you’re looking for some thoughtful gifts or to spark ideas of your own, check out my Father’s Day Gift Guide!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I connect warm weather, delicious food, soft blush and green tones, thoughtful gifts, a reason for family to get together and an immense amount of love for your guardian with Mother’s Day. I’m sure my Mom can vouch (or I hope so lol) that she is reminded daily of how much she is loved. However a day cut out solely for her is much needed. So if you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful gift that’ll spoil your Mom, check out my Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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Seaside Garden Collection x Avon

Avon Home items are incredibly trendy and there are always an assortment of items in each featured collection. The Seaside Garden Collection x Avon, incorporates blue and white hues from the sea and sand to create a tranquil setting in your very own home. Keep reading to see each of the pieces. View Post