Get Organized x Avon

Get Organized x Avon

Spring is upon us and for many including myself that means going cleaning out our wardrobes. To either store away winter wear or decide what to get rid of. Avon, which many know for their large selection of beauty and fashion products, also has a wide array of household products. Especially home organization solutions, which will give you the boost you need to go Spring cleaning crazy. Keep reading to see how to Get Organized x Avon.

Here are a few items I have found to be very helpful, for day to day life.

I’m positive I can’t be the only one who finds matching my socks in the morning to be a very daunting task. I don’t know where individual socks run off to after they make it through a wash but I’m always left with single, unmatched socks. However, once I have paired them up, they get thrown into my sock drawer. Which is the most non-visually pleasing part of my closet.924B8943-116F-4BCF-8B94-48132742ED92So when I came across this Honey comb sock and tie organizerI was stoked to implement some structure into the organization of my socks. Yes, these sorts of things truly excite me lol.5BF1C81F-3DDB-496D-AF84-BD026208C9F7These inter-connectable plates come together to create individual hexagons that neatly organize your socks and ties. Simply roll and store. If you have a ton of socks, ties or are organizing for two, you can combine as many plates to fit your drawer.

Another pet peeve of mine is sorting laundry into light, dark and colour piles. Even after careful separation, somehow one colourful or dark garment will always find its way into my light wash. Giving my white clothes a tint! To avoid this repeating cycle, the Light and Dark wash separating hamper is a perfect solution.7225A3DA-63E6-486E-85BE-31D5D10CEF79

It has a metal structure which provides a strong support so that your hamper doesn’t collapse when it’s not full of clothes. Alongside a mesh draw string to prevent any clothes from falling out if you intend on carrying your hamper to your laundry. It has a very aesthetically pleasing look, which will compliment any laundry room.146776B6-8A39-45FA-B192-DFADFC5054F2I hope these product recommendations helped. I know these two simple additions have made all the difference for me. I would love to hear about your thoughts and go to’s for organizing!

All products mentioned can be purchased online at or through an Avon representative.

Samples kindly provided. All Opinions are my own.

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