Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighters

Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighters

I get a little highlighter crazy the moment I see even the slightest bit of sun. Luckily, for those around me it’s been quite gloomy lately. Some highlighters I have been head over heels for are the Wet N Wild Mega Glo Highlighters. Wet N Wild as everyone knows is a drug store brand; what many don’t know is that they are cruelty free and have AMAZING quality products with even more AMAZING prices. My tried and true liquid eye liner is by Wet N Wild and even after years, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Today, I wanted to share my thoughts on both the liquid and powder variations of Wet N Wild’s MegaGlo highlighters with you.14D916FD-0815-4587-9F81-92DB90B3F15B86D69AE5-D4FE-4B24-AE88-398EFE78A6C6

Firstly, the Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder is a stunning end to end highlighter that retails for only $4.99 and currently available in 7 shades.

I tried out the shades:

  • Precious Petals321B
  • Golden Flower Crown 333B1A2FAFA0-DDC8-4697-A4FA-5B8ED7FF6DF6C42EAF33-9244-4685-9437-DB0DFE67D383The highlighting powders have floral prints embossed into them. They have a buttery-smooth formula with medium pigmentation. The MegaGlo blends seamlessly and has this lustrous ultra-pearl finish; which is probably what makes it a best seller.

I honestly love how it blends with my skin; whether I apply it as is or with a wet brush. It doesn’t appear like a dry powder just sitting on my skin.8792BCBD-D241-42B6-B6CA-CF08D5F42018The Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaGlo Hello Halo Liquid Highlighter is everything I described above with much more versatility.
51545040-82BA-474E-A33B-E2F5052A48C5They come packaged in glass tubes, with a sponge applicator and are currently available in 7 shades.

I tried out:

  • Halographic 303A
  • Halo, Goodbye 304A
  • Goddess Blow 309B
  • Guilded Glow 306B81B5EFA7-6C01-4730-A512-B2067D2494F0

B7A2B4D6-F3BB-45A9-9BFA-037999A24BFBI would best describe the consistency as a creamy liquid.  Although the Hello Halo’s looks very pigmented, they sheer out quite a bit upon application.B16478EF-CB7F-4476-865F-350B03891D32

Here’s another picture to better capture the dewiness of the Hello Halo.

A little tip I received from a beauty event I attended, was applying a liquid highlighter to the areas you generally highlight PRIOR to applying your foundation. To achieve a radiant look, which for people with dry skin like me, is hard to come by. I put Hello Halo to the test in both manners and can personally vouch that it’s a game changer!

I like to apply it to my eye lids on days I’m not going to be wearing any liner, to look more awake. I’ve also found that the MegaGlo liquid works well with mature skin vs. highlighting powders. As it looks like second skin rather than enhancing  fine lines.

The MegaGlo Hello Halo retails for $5.99 CDN.

As for wear time; the MegaGlo highlighters will last all day and night and probably longer than you need it to.

It requires a conscious effort not to go highlight crazy when handling the MegaGlo highlighters.659192D6-5CFB-4EEF-86E0-0E8301FF4E71

I’m really glad to have tried them out after seeing them practically everywhere for so long. Wet N Wild MegaGlo products are available at many retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Rexall and Ulta Beauty.

I’d love to know your thoughts on these beauties!

Samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own.

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