Kerastase Discipline

Ever feel really good about an article of clothing you’re wearing or a new hairstyle and think others are bound to notice? But NOPE it goes unnoticed. However, you use a line of hair products and you’re stopped countless times because people want to know ‘what that fragrance is’ and ‘how you got your hair that long and sleek’. I’m not mad at it. Today, I wanted to share with you a line of products I have been using for months now, which really needs no introduction, called Kerastase Discipline. View Post

Wet N Wild Zodiac Collection

It’s true that Zodiac signs provide pretty accurate descriptions for people. In terms of nature, personality traits, etc. I am an Aquarius and I match the overall description pretty dang well. Regardless of whether you believe in horoscopes or not, I assure you that you’re bound to be drawn to one or all of the pieces in the Wet N Wild Zodiac Collection. View Post

NYX Beauty Staple Makeup Brush Set

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my gems for travelling. If there’s one thing that occupies more space than it should, it’s definitely my makeup brushes. The NYX Beauty Staple Makeup Brush Set contains the core brushes needed for a simple, flawless makeup application. Alongside a flat laying bag that converts into a self-standing brush holder. View Post

FOREO Luna Play Plus

In an ever changing beauty world, where the turnover is sometimes impossible to keep up with. It’s always nice to see an old favourite. I’m talking about the FOREO Luna Play Plus. I originally tried the mini Luna Play, over two years now and it’s still going strong. However, I was keen to see how the full Plus version compared to the mini. If you’d like to know more, keep reading! View Post

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer

I previously reviewed the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation here on the blog. After seeing incredible results and a finish that couldn’t be any more perfect for my skin type. How could I not put the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer to the test?

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