Essie Bridal 2018 Collection

Summer through Fall, I’ll be attending numerous weddings. So what better time to try out the Essie Bridal 2018 Collection then now.

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imPRESS Special FX Nails

Not too long ago I shared my thoughts on press on nails. If you read my post, you could tell that there wasn’t a thing I would change about that set. However the nails I wanted to talk about today have given new meaning to press on nails. imPRESS Special FX Nails are allowing me to fool everyone that my nails are always on point when in reality I stuck them on moments before arriving to my destination. View Post

Dior J’adore In Joy eau de parfum

Since we’ve officially dived into Summer mode. I wanted to share with you my Summer fragrance. One that will not go unnoticed and will have anyone and everyone that encounters this fragrance, absolutely obsessed. I’m talking about the Dior J’adore In Joy eau de parfum. View Post

Taco Fest in Toronto

I recently revisited a favourite food festival of mine; Taco Fest in Toronto! A 3 day festival that is held annually at Ontario Place. Today, I’ll be recapping my Taco Fest experience for you.

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Vichy Idéal Soleil Dry Touch Lotion

For many a bright sunny day means a multitude of things. However for people with photosensitivity or sun allergies, like myself, that means careful planning. Planning out what to wear that will provide protection from the sun yet is still breathable. How to minimize sun exposure and what products to bring along. That will prevent, as well as relieve irritated skin in the case there are flare ups. One such product is the Vichy Idéal Soleil Dry Touch Lotion. It’s as if it were designed with me in mind. Maximum SPF protection minus the residue? Yes, it’s possible! View Post