Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2022

Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2022

Happy Hoidays! If you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas, then I have a round up of ideas for you! Scroll below to check out my Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2022.

  1. Quo Gua Sha
  2. Belif Merry Moisturizers Kit
    • Available online and in store at Sephora
    • $20 CAD
  3. Marvis Mini Toothpaste
    • $8 CAD
  4. Small Slip Silk Scrunchies
  5. Real Techniques Foundation Makeup Blender Brush
  6. Charlotte Tilbury The Secret to Super Model Eyes
  7. Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette
  8. Rosebud Salve
    • Starting at $9.50 CAD
    • Available online or in store at Sephora.
  9. Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller
    • Available at Amazon, London Drugs and Walmart.
    • $33 CAD
  10. Chanel Chance eau Tendre Hair Mist

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