Having only ever tried Tweezerman’s Tweezers and loving them, I was thrilled to try out other products by them. Like their Eye Defining Brush Set and ProMaster Lash Curler! I’ve heard great things about the two and wanted to see for myself, if they are what others say they are.imageStarting with the Eye Defining Brush Set. Brush sets are perfect for so many different reasons. I wanted to see how useful and practical, this set is for everyday use. It consists of 3 brushes, the Line Glider, Shader and a blender Brush. Each brush uses DuPont Natrafil filaments, which give the feel of natural cosmetic brushes but promise to work much better. The brushes are all lightweight with full bristles.

Many makeup brushes retail for $30+ for a single brush, so an entire set for less would definitely make you question how well it works.imageimageBlender Brush: The key brush when creating any eye look. This brush does double duty as a blender brush as well as an applicator brush, when you’re applying an all over base shadow. It has dense bristles that are longest in the center. Most mornings I resort to a single base shadow and this makes it a breeze to apply. Alone this brush retails for $19. image image Shader Brush: It is a multi-functional brush, perfect for applying shadows, blending and softening shades. It brush head has a flat paddle shape, which packs on eyeshadow with minimal fallout.imageLine Glider Brush: My favourite brush out of the set! Many liner brushes have sharp angles, that don’t fit the shape of the eye correctly. The Line Glider Brush has a sharp point that dips inwards. Which hugs the lid and evenly applies product, without any gaps near the lash line. It is the perfect tool to create a soft, smokey line which is one of my favourite looks to do.

Each brush works exceptionally well with a variety of products, whether pressed shadows, loose pigments, even gel products. It’s slim design allows for such precise makeup application. The brushes are slender at the top and bottom and slightly wider in the middle, for a comfortable hold.

Now on to a product I was quite excited to give a go. Tweezerman’s ProMaster Lash Curler. Fun fact, I only recently started curling my straight, downward growing lashes because I once pinched my eyelid with a lash curler and never touched one again.imageimageI know of all the benefits of curling your lashes, so I decided to give it a go. I initially only tried out the Promaster Lash Curler because of 1. it’s wide opening 2. it’s design for a specific eye shape.imageThe ProMaster is meant for those with almond and deep set eyes. Although, I don’t have deep set eyes, my eyes do have a slight almond shape. It has a gun metal grey exterior and comes with 3 replaceable cushion strips.imageSince it is designed to curl hard to reach lashes and has an extra wide opening, I am able to position the top bar comfortably close to my lash line. It is able to curl all of my lashes (even the shortest inner corner lashes) in one to two pinches.imageInstantly my downward growing lashes are curled, fanning out upwards. Since it did all the lifting that I normally rely on my mascara to do. The length and volume of my lashes were doubled, simply by curling my lashes.

I really applaud the ProMaster on giving such noticeable results in 1-2 pinches and for it’s easy to use design for people like myself. The Eye Defining brush set has also proved itself to be worth every dollar and more. Aside from these brushes, there is a whole line of makeup brushes available through Tweezerman’s Brush IQ Collection.imageThe Eye Defining Brush Set and ProMaster Lash Curler can be purchased from Murale. 🙂


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