Estee Lauder New Dimension Collection

Estee Lauder New Dimension Collection

I’ve always loved ESTÉE LAUDER products and from previous posts you can tell just how obsessed I am with their foundation. They have had some amazing releases within the last year. Such as the launch of the Estee Lauder New Dimension collection, which originally consisted of New Dimension Shape + Fill Expert Serum, Shape + Sculpt Face Kit and Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit. They launched three more products to their Skin Contouring Collection, consisting of New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System, Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment and Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment. I got the chance to try out all 3 and mentioned these gems in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide but wanted to give you a thorough review on each.

New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye SystemimageI am obsessed with eye creams so I was excited to give the Estee Lauder New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System a try. My main concern with the area around my eyes are the bags under my eyes. Dark circles can be concealed and colour corrected but these bags are near impossible to get rid of.imageThis system is a two-step treatment that claims to visibly tighten, tone, and smooth the look of eyes, that too in the blink of an eye. The two steps are packaged into two jars that interlock at the lid.imageThe two steps are:

Step 1: The firming step is a light, cushioning gel that tightens, tones the skin around the eyes. While replumping and providing deep dydration to the skin. Simply apply Firm around the eye area. Formulated with Estée Lauder’s advanced pro-collagen complex, the powerful formula helps visibly lift, firm and smooth around the eye area. This step is the prep for step # 2.

Step 2: The filling step, is formulated with Shaping Technology, which contains light-diffusing optics to smooth the look of the eye area. You simply pat Fill to fill in lines in the eye area lines and smooth them out.imageI like the feel that the first step Firm gives to the skin around the eyes as well as the hydrated look. Fill helps to further smoothen the area.

After using these two products together morning and night, I noticed a much more smoother and firmer texture in the skin around my eyes. Bags have noticeably gone down in their level of puffiness.imageThis is not a temporary product, overtime it firms and strengthens the eye area, for a much more lifted look. Estee Lauder Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System retails for $90 and can be purchased from Estee Lauder counters across Canada.



New Dimension Plump + Fill Expert Lip TreatmentimageI feel like whenever people hear the words lip plumper they always jump to the idea of bigger, fuller lips (true for the most part). But what about the fact that plumping products also help to fill fine lines in the lips. Giving a much more even appearance, preventing lip products from settling in the fine lines. I tried Estee Lauders New Dimension Plump + fill Expert Lip Treatment more so to see if it would give my lips a hydrated, smooth appearance. Like the other products in the Contouring Skin Collection it is also a two part concept.

The first step: Plumping process with a collagen infused serum. It is recommended to apply the Expert Filler serum around the lips (just outside the lip line), morning and night, blending with the fingertips. imageThe second step: Apply the Expert Plumper balm directly to lips. The lip balm, soothes, hydrates and fills in lines.imageThe serum applies fairly quickly with the flat flexible applicator. I really like the lip balm as it is extremely moisturizing but not the overwhelming kind. It adds the perfect amount of shine to your lips so you can comfortably apply any lip product over top without changing its finish.

After continuous use, most apparent lines in my lips have improved and I have had absolutely no cracking or flaking!

The Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment can be used alone or prior to applying any lip product.

New Dimension Plump + Fill Expert Lip Treatment retails for $48 and can be purchased from Estee Lauder counters across Canada.


New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment

imageWhile preventing/reversing signs of aging, delicate areas like the neck and chest are often forgotten about. They are usually the first areas to show signs of aging. This product is dedicated solely for that. The New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment uses a cream that plumps skin with moisture and a massage tool that energizes skin in 3 motions. Estée Lauder’s pro-collagen complex and powerful skin strengtheners help restore skin’s elasticity. A very delicate yet effective product for delicate areas like the neck and chest.imageStep 1: Apply the Tighten + Tone Treatment along the neck and chest, both morning and night.

Step 2: Use the massager tool in 3 motions:

  1. Start at the center of chest and glide up one side of neck to just under chin, then back to ear, then down to collarbone. Repeat twice on both sides of neck.
  2. Sweep back and forth across upper chest in a shallow “smile” shape.
  3. Finish by sweeping in a curving V shape from one shoulder to the other, dipping down in the center, then back.

Clean off the massage tool by wiping off the cream with a tissue.

I felt like my mom could give me the best feedback on this, so I let her give it a try. She found that the cream was nice and light on the skin and the added cooling touch of the massager felt great on the skin. Applying products to your face in an upward motion prevents further signs of aging and this is a great duo to take care of delicate areas like your neck and chest. Especially when Summer comes around and this area of the body is exposed to so much Sun and other stressors.imageThe New Dimension Tighten + Tone Neck/Chest Treatment retails for $112 and is available for purchase at Estee Lauder counters across Canada.

I hope you found this review helpful and I would love to know if you have purchased or plan on picking up any of the above products. 🙂 The New Dimension Skin Contouring Collection is available at Estée Lauder counters across Canada and online at


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