MYTAO MyOrganic Perfume

MYTAO MyOrganic Perfume
I absolutely love scents, whether perfume, scented oils, candles, fragrant dried flowers. Every room in my home should have its own scent. Just like every season you’re drawn towards a different perfume. Although, I have always looked into scented oils for relaxation, I have never gotten around to it. So I was very excited to try out MYTAO MyOrganic Perfume.

imageMYTAO- My Organic Perfume, is a new product in the Canadian market and I was excited to give it a try! They have a range of fragrances, all 100% organic, that help to create certain ambiances, that also have relaxing effects. It is available in 6 different fragrances and I received a sample of each, all arranged perfectly in this box. Each scent came accompanied with a little description card, as well as a scent strip block. imageThe main difference between the My Organic Perfume and other perfumes, is it smells pure. In the sense that there isn’t an alcohol scent that you need to wave off, in order to appreciate the scent. The scents all have one thing in common, that they all have earth tones. The fragrances are very concentrated. I would recommend sampling each on a scent strip first.imageHere are the official scent descriptions:

MYTAO No.1 –Fresh: The unlimited power and tangy freshness of lemon and lime, are softened by subtle aromas of sandalwood and balsamic cistus.

$49.00, 15ml glass bottle, with a handcrafted wooden cap.
MYTAO No.2 – Exotic:Tonka bean and mastic resin extracts are the trendiest fragrances, and at the base of this scent, with an exotic flowing citrus aroma, marked by subtle notes of grapefruit, tea tree, and lemon.$49.00, 15ml glass bottle, with a handcrafted wooden cap.
MYTAO No.3 – Mediterranean:The fresh scent of litsea cubeba mixes with aromatic notes of exotic herbs, creating a real synergy with the invigorating scent of cedar and Mediterranean herbs .
$49.00, 15ml glass bottle, with a handcrafted wooden cap.
MYTAO No.4 –Gentle:Extracts of palmarosa, with its invigorating and refreshing properties, and blood orange, are gently and almost imperceptibly fused with extracts of rose, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood. $49.00, 15ml glass bottle, with a handcrafted wooden cap.
MYTAO No.5 – Masculine:There is a fascination one feels, from the bitter scent of wood, mixed with lemongrass extract, and it’s due to their inescapable embrace, made more robust thanks to the fragrance of galbanum, ginger root, and lime.
$49.00, 15ml glass bottle, with a handcrafted wooden cap.
MYTAO No.7 – Expressive and audacious:The freshness of lemongrass is mixed with bergamot extract, bitter orange, and green mandarin. The irresistible scent of orange blossom, iris root and balsamic everlasting flower, gives this fragrance an expressive air of confidence.
$49.00, 15ml glass bottle, with a handcrafted wooden cap.
Each of these scents are perfect in their own way. I definitely do have my favourite, which is MYTAO No. 7. It stood out to me as the one from the bunch that had a hint of floral scents to it. If you prefer natural, earthy scents, that’s what MYTAO is all about!imageYou can find the full details under MYTAO on These 6 fragrances are available at selected health stores now in Canada. 🙂


  1. Nathalie
    2016-03-24 /

    Where can I find the My Tao My perfume in Montreal?


    • 2016-03-29 /

      It can be found at Avril Supermarché Santé. Taosis products can also be purchased directly from their offices by calling 1-800-663-6226. Hope that helps 🙂

  2. TAOASIS Canada
    2016-03-23 /

    Hi Aishwarya, Thank you for this great review. I just wanted to let you know that the website you mentionned isn’t the right one … Taoasis website in canada is:
    Thanks in advance!

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