The Knot Dr. Pro

The Knot Dr. Pro

I love reading and talking about styling/hair care products and everything in between, but I rarely come across someone recommending a great hair brush. If you have always had a favourite comb like I do, then you probably never though about picking something else up. I have my favourites for my semi-thick, down my back length hair but always wonder if there’s a better brush out there to de-tangle my long hair without finding as much breakage in my comb. One such comb is The Knot Dr. ProAlongside a great comb, I’ve also come across the upgraded version of hair ties, which are Hair Rings by ABAA Beauty. Together these two create the perfect ponytail.imageThe Knot Dr. Pro is a paddle brush consisting of 212 bristles evenly spread across the paddle. The brush itself has a black, carbon frame with a bright coloured pad that the bristles attach to. image All of the Knot Dr. brushes use knotectomy; meaning precision knot surgery to detangle knotted hair.imageThe Pro Detangler says it can be used on both wet and dry hair and detangle hair equally as well. It also has a durable heat-resistant design, which is great because I run a brush through my hair as I straighten it.imageAlthough, I can’t vouch how the Knot Dr. works on wet hair. Since I never comb wet hair, because I wait for it to air dry or blow dry it and then work my way from the end up. I really like the paddle shape and the bristles that are positioned closely together, as it combs a larger amount of hair in one stroke. When I do come across a knot, the brush doesn’t tug on my hair but instead works right through it.

It’s wide handle, gives you a comfortable grip and its angled bristles make cleaning any caught hair from the brush, easy.

Now on to Hair Rings. Whether you have short or long hair, if you’re like me you’ll simply let your hair fall all over your face just to avoid tying up your freshly straightened hair and getting a dent in it. These little Hair Rings by ABAA Beauty are the solution.image At first they looked quite odd to me, when you compare it to an ordinary hair tie but I was pleasantly surprised at how securely it holds my ponytail. Two loops around medium-thick hair is all you need and it will stay put. The best part is that when you want to let your hair down, you can do so without any dents or breakage. I also can’t stand a wet hair tie and these hair springs are completely waterproof!imageThe Hair Spirals retail for $7.99 and are long lasting (they won’t break on you if you loop it one too many times). They are also available in a variety of colours.

If you have thick, curly, long or coarse hair that you don’t want to see breaking off into your brush, I would definitely recommend trying out a brush by The Knot Dr. You don’t replace your brush often, so it’s high quality pays for itself in the long run.
The Knot Dr. Brushes are available in four shades: Fuchsia, Marine, Periwinkle and Pomelo ($24). They can be purchased in store from Murale and Hair Rings are available from ABAA Beauty (worldwide shipping available), located online at and in-store in Mississauga, Ontario.
These two really are the solution to taming my long hair! 🙂


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