Niacinamide Youth Serum by Dermaquest

Niacinamide Youth Serum by Dermaquest

After completing my daily skin care routine. I apply the serum with  my fingertips, working it in to my face, neck, and décollet
é. You can also use this on the back of your hands, if you’re using this serum for age-management purposes. It’s important to use anti-aging serums not only on your face but also on the other delicate areas such as your chest and hands. Often time people forget these areas and they become the first areas to show fine lines and wrinkles. I do not apply a moisturizer over this and I let it settle into my skin before applying any makeup or before going to bed. Upon applying the serum, it absorbs quite quickly into the skin. You might feel slight ‘tingling’ or tightening of the skin.

The Niacinamide Youth Serum retails for $89. Although on the pricier end, if you have used Dermaquest products before, you know their formula is different from the rest. This serum is ideal for anyone looking to reduce signs of aging or has acne concerns. It has helped to calm down areas of inflammation on my skin. It works quite effectively as painful acne, shrinks significantly in size and is dried out the next morning. I will definitely be doing a future update with this serum to see what results I get in regards to fading pigmentation. I would also like to see if it reduces the fine lines I get next to my eyes when I smile, since that is the only aging concern I have at this moment in my life.imageYou can browse and purchase all of Dermaquest’s skincare products on

 I hope you found my review beneficial and I would love to know your opinions on Dermaquest! 🙂


  1. Agnes
    2016-01-01 /

    Hi there.

    Thanks for this review! I, too have hormonal acne with dry skin and lots of hyperpigmentation. I wanted to see how this was for your acne and hyperpigmentation since using it? And if you feel it added extra moisture?

    Thanks so much for any feedback.

    • 2016-01-18 /

      This serum definitely calms down any acne flares (redness and size) as well as dries them out. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely moisturizing as it’s now Winter here and I wear this serum under my day moisturizer. I don’t think I could wear it alone during the day but it’s perfect at night. I am still using it so waiting to see how it works out for my hyperpigmentation. Thanks for the comment!! I hope that helped!! 🙂

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