DollUp Beauty Case

Hello! Today I wanted to show you all this gorgeous Dollup Beauty Case by Nikki Hynek. It is a clutch that compactly organizers your makeup for when you’re on the go. The one I have has a hard silver outer shell with gold tone hardware. When you press down on the clasp, the case opens and lays flat, which is very convenient! Allowing you to see every item in your makeup case. View Post

Alaska Glacial Mud Co. Masks Review


Recently, I’ve been getting a few  too many breakouts. I haven’t worn makeup in 4 days (I know. Absolute Horror). Usually when this happens, I turn to face masks either the green tea masks from The Face Shop or I create my own, with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory effects.

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Decleor Paris


Today, I have a post on my first time using products by Decleor Paris.. I was given the opportunity to try out three of their most aromatic and lush products. The Aroma Nutrition Satin Softening Oil1000 Grain Body Exfoliator and the Aroma Rich Nourishing Body Cream. They have a scent that your senses will pick up even before you’ve opened the cap. Not exaggerating one bit. I’ve written about changing up your skincare routine as we approach the colder months (In North America) and this couldn’t have come at a better time! View Post

Gold Nine Ink x Artelier Tattoo Jewelry

Hello! As a child I always had a fascination for temporary tattoos. I would get them in a goody bag after visiting the dentist and apply them all in one sitting! Now in the recent years, tattoo jewelry has become very popular. You can apply intricate henna, jewelry and so many more types of designs within 10 seconds or less. Without the long term commitment. Hence, why I wanted to share a review on Gold Nine Ink x Artelier Tattoo Jewelry.

Gold Nine Ink is a brand based around culturally inspired tattoo jewelry. I tried out their Around the World, Artelier by Christina Ramella sheet. Perfect for my blog since I share places around the world that I have traveled to! View Post

BIODERMA’s Sebium Oily Blemished Skin Review


Today I wanted to share BIODERMA’s Sebium Oily Blemished Skin Review with you. I am reviewing it after having used it for 12 days. Which I know is still fairly early, considering they are skincare products made for blemished skin. But, I would like to put out an initial review because if you have acne, you can start to tell what works and what is simply making your skin worse. The list of products pictured above with  individual reviews are:

  1. Sebium H2O : I was excited to try this because I always heard great things about their Sensibio H2O, which is a cleansing and makeup removing water, meant for sensitive skin. The Sebium H2O is for oily and combination skin, which is what I have. It is very light, as its name View Post